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Mission Statement

Amateur astronomy, why does it have to be so expensive? As an avid amateur I have long wished for an answer to this question and I will with your help hopefully get closer to the answer. I want to find out if there is a chance for us amateurs who don't have $5000.00 to spend on a telescope or $500.00 on an eyepiece. Years ago when I first began my search for a telescope I found a few good web pages that offered real reviews of equipment. After spending weeks reading and deliberating I found that the majority of these sites only reviewed the most expensive equipment. This leads to the question, is the price of the equipment all that matters? No.

The goal of this website will be to unite amateurs like me who believe that there is good equipment for the average astronomer that does not cost as much as a new car. Sure everybody wants to own the most expensive telescope but we cannot all afford it. I want to collect as many reviews of affordable telescopes and related accessories as I possibly can. I want to provide a service to amateur astronomers of all levels that I did not have when I first began my search for my telescope. I also have the goal of making this a vital website to the amateur astronomy community in general by offering not only reviews but discussion groups and timely links.

Submission Rules

The rules of this site are simple:

If you own a telescope or mount that retails for under $1500.00 please by all means spend a couple of minutes to share your thoughts with the community.

If you own a pair of binoculars that retail for under $500.00 share your thoughts.

If you own any eyepiece or accessory (diagonal, filter, finder, etc...) that retails for under $200.00 give us your input. Keep in mind that the community would also like reviews of equipment that shipped with your telescope. How were your included eye pieces, or your diagonal, or your 6 x 30 finder? These reviews will tell us a lot about the company with which you dealt but also about the quality of truly affordable accessories.

 Keep it as simple or as complex as you want but please respond. Think of all of the other amateurs that deserve to know about what they are purchasing and most importantly think of the beginners who are looking for a good affordable telescope to launch their careers with.

If there are any questions about reviews please refer to my review tips.


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Recent Reviews - As of 09/09/2003

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New for Winter - Burgess Optical 20x80mm (LW) - Pentax PCF V 20x60mm - Meade 12.5-inch Starfinder - Meade LXD55 10-inch Schmidt Newtonian - Orion Astroview 120ST - Orion Observer 70mm Equatorial Refractor

New for Fall - Burgess Optical 10x70mm - Discovery DHQ 6-inch


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