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Date: 7-18-2001
Abstract: Tips for submitting reviews to this site

Submitting a review to this site does not have to be a long drawn out task.  It is up to you to determine how detailed you want it to be or exactly what you want to include.  I simply ask that reviews are objective and truthful.  Sure it may not be easy to write about the negative sides of your telescope but they are there and the readers deserve to know.  The main goal of this site is to provide accurate reviews of equipment for those who are possibly looking into making a purchase.  If you do wish to submit a review please e-mail it to me at as an e-mail or attachment.  If you send it as an attachment Microsoft Works of Word formats are preferred but not necessary.  I should be able to convert any file type.  Personal pictures will be accepted (not catalog or copyrighted photos) but due to web space restrictions they may not be posted.

The first thing you need to do is collect relevant information on your equipment.  Most importantly is the name and price of the equipment.  It is also nice to include most of the specs for the equipment.

Example for a telescope:  Orion Skywatcher 120mm refractor w/1000mm focal length.  Cost $550.00 and includes 10mm/25mm Plossl ep, 6x30 finder, EQ-3 mount, polar scope, and mirror diagonal.

Example for an eyepiece:  Orion Ultrascopic, 7.5mm.  Cost $79.00, ultra multi-coated 5 element ep with eyeguard.

Sample Review Outline

Observing history and geographic location

    How long have you been observing

    Experience level

    Favorite observing activities

    Where do you live (in broad geographic terms) ie: Western Colorado or Northern France

Explain your choice

    Where did you order or purchase it and why

    What features made it stand out

    Why did you make this purchase

Equipment and shipping

    Did the equipment arrive on time, undamaged

    What comes as standard equipment

    What were your first impressions of the equipment


    Try equipment on a wide range of targets

    Be objective and explain how you got your results

    Think of all contributing factors to the results (ex: for a telescope review tell what types of eyepieces you use.)


    Explain any negatives associated with the equipment

    Do not exaggerate about the quality of your equipment.  People deserve to know the truth


    What are your overall impressions of the equipment

By following this example which may be slightly altered for reviews of different types of equipment you should be able to come up with a good review.  If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at  All sent reviews will be posted in a timely manner and may be slightly altered to give all of the reviews a consistent look.  Thank You.

Curt Irwin - webmaster

Submitted by Curt Irwin - - Grand Rapids, MI

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