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Date: 3-17-2003
Price: $150.00
Design: 114mm reflector with a 900mm focal length
Description: The telescope comes with the tube, mount, 5x24mm finder, two 1.25-inch eyepieces (4mm and 20mm), as well as a moon filter and a Barlow lens.

The Review 

I have decided to send you a quick review of my telescope after reading many comments on the net with reference to the brand which I believe are misleading.

As someone who has only recently rekindled a childhood love of astronomy and on a very tight budget, I began about six months ago to pine for a telescope. To cut along story short, impatient type that I am I went straight down town as soon as I'd saved some money and bought a Tasco 114 mm 900 mm length Galaxsee scope.

This was the top of the range held by the photo shop in which I purchased the scope. It comes in one (reasonably sized) box which contained the following:

1. The tube assembly

2. The equatorial mount

3. The aluminium tripod

3. Two eyepieces ( 4mm and 20mm, both 1.25" type)

4. Barlow lens

5. Moon filter

6. Sky watch CD and maps of solar system and moon

7. Instructions

The assembly instructions are entirely pictorial and easy to follow ( I had it all together in half an hour). The tripod is rock solid when the tray  between the legs is secured although the EQ mount does suffer some vibration when knocked. It settles down within 3 or 4 seconds though so it is not too bad. The whole mount looks very similar to photos I've seen of an EQ2 mount and by that I mean exactly the same. There are two fine adjustment cables for RA and dec which are a god send when sketching what your viewing. There is also a piggy back mount for a camera which I haven't used yet.

The optical tube is well made and looks good. I have heard terrible things about tasco scopes so I am happy to say I did not waste my money. The views are incredible! I have viewed the moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, The plaides, The Orion nebular, M31, and several clusters.

The view is always clear and sharp with Jupiter's bands and moons visible and Saturn's rings  including shadow and if Its a very clear night the main division is discernable. The views of deep sky objects are good enough for me to sketch them with reasonable accuracy.

It is only possible to use max magnification (450) on the moon. Planets look best at 225 mag and deep sky objects at either 45 or 90 depending on size and brightness of the object. The mounting is easy to polar align and very useful to track objects with. 

The only letdown is the 5 times 24 finder which is stepped down so its not even that wide! It means very carefully placing the scope by looking along the tube before fine  adjusting with the finder.

In short I am very happy with this scope and it has inspired my interest to new heights so don't believe everyone who says tasco is a rip off as my scope is much better than most entry level scopes.    

Submitted by Anonymous

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