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Date: NA
Price: $850.00 (OTA)
Design: 150mm Maksutov-Cassegrain operating at f/12 with a focal length of 1800mm
Description: 150mm Mak-Cass that ships with a  6x30 finder and a Russian Crayford focuser.

The Review

I've added an Intes Micro baffled dew cap for about $100.00

This is a beautifully constructed scope. Very solid and smooth with a carrying handle and soft case. I use a TeleVue Everbrite 2 inch diagonal. The coatings on the mirrors and corrector are blemish free and smooth. Perfect star tests on a good steady night. 7 Tauri (.8") was split. Festoons and a host of detail observed on Jupiter with green and blue filters in a 19mm Panoptic and 5X Powermate at a silly magnification of 475X. Despite a 33% obstruction it had very good contrast. I attribute some of that to superb baffling. This scope easily outperformed a 4 inch APO at all objects leading me that it should equal or edge a 5 inch APO. My CG5 mount held it like a steel (aluminum ?) fist. If you are considering a C8, don't.

The $850.00 is deceptive.


MK67 OTA  $850.00
CG5 with motor  $500.00
Diagonal    $100.00
Good eyepiece set  $150.00
Total  $1600.00

The above are all approximations and many amateurs already possess much of the equipment to complete the system.

Update (5/1/2001)

I received this telescope a year ago with a well made carrying case.

I adapted an Intes Micro 7 inch baffled dew cap which then made the carrying case unusable.

The diagonal I use with this telescope is a TeleVue 2 inch Everbrite.

The finder is an University Optics 7X50.

My CG5 mount more than easily supports this telescope.

My experience shows that it goes one on one against a C8 and comes out ahead in contrast and resolution. It is very compact and comes with a carrying handle. It should be given at least about an hour for it to cool to outside air temp. Its Russian made Crayford focuser is sturdy and smooth, but may pose problems with insufficient travel for some cameras. I've preferred it over my MN56 for deep sky objects. It easily resolved Theta Orionis a few days ago and Castor in Gemini was easy with both stars clean with black between. With a 5mm Radian (360X) and a green filter festoons where clear on Jupiter and the Cassini's division was a black belt on Saturn.

At first glance the Intes telescopes appear inexpensive, but one must remember that you must provide the mount, diagonal, and eyepieces. Because of the high quality of these telescope they deserve the highest quality accessories. These telescopes are research grade quality.

Submitted by Al Misiuk - - Seattle, Washington

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