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Date: NA
Price: $325.00
Design: 114mm Reflector with 900mm focal length at f/8
Description: Reflecting telescope on a German equatorial mount.  Comes with two 1.25" eyepieces a 20mm and 10mm MA (Kellner) along with a .965" adapter.  The included finder is a one power reflex finder - the Star Pointer Finderscope.

The Review

Some background on me first

I am a 49-year-old male with diabetes; both will effect eyesight. I have never looked through a scope before purchase of this scope. I also enjoy dark skies. The purpose of this scope is to see if I want to get into astronomy without spending a lot of money to find out.

Following the instructions was not a big problem, although I did have to take some things off and put back on again.  The instructions could have been a little better.

The scope comes with 10mm and a 20mm MA eyepieces and a red l.e.d. Finder scope highly recommends the led finder, as I do not have any problems finding things in the sky.  The first thing I went after was M42 with the 20mm lens [45 power] no problem finding it and had a clear picture.  With the 10mm lens[90 power] I had a full eyepiece with very sharp stars.  The white clouds were impressive to say the least.

Next was Saturn could see the ring with black space between the planet and ring.  Clear focus was not a problem. The planet occupied about one fourth of the view also purchase a 2x Barlow which brought the power to 180 and no problems. The field of view was about one half at that point.

I have also purchased a Celestron 15 mm Plossl and can not see any real difference between the two types of lens.

I have kept the mount low to keep from having vibration problems. While focusing the object will stay in the field of view but just barly. It always returns to original view.  That is the only problems with vibration.

I do believe that it is a good scope that will fill my purpose.

Submitted by Nick - nick1951@prodigy.net - USA

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