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Sirius Plossl (Orion) Lens Hat


Price:  $1.10

Time Required:  1 minute

Description:  Found an adequate hat for my Sirius Plossl

This suggestion may sound trashy at first but it really works.  One of my pet peeves about the 40mm Sirius Plossl I have sitting in my case is that it did not come with a lens cover for the top portion (a hat).  Even though it sits in my closed case I have noticed over the year that it collects a disproportionately high amount of dust.  A few days ago I was sitting around drinking a Diet Pepsi (1 Liter) and I noticed that the cap was about the same size as an eyepiece.  I gave it a shot.  The cap to a wide mouth Pepsi One liter fits perfectly as a cap to the Sirius eyepieces.  Make sure that you clean and dry the cap before using it on your eyepiece.  This has saved me time and a little bit of money and overall I am happy that my eyepiece finally has a cap.

Submitted by Curt Irwin - - Grand Rapids, Michigan