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12.5mm Seibert Wide Field Kellner



Price: $40.00

Design: 3-element Kellner design

Description: 1.25 inch wide field eyepiece.  Somewhere around a 65 degree FOV



These EPs from Harry Siebert are another great value like the UO EPs.  I just received the 12.5mm 3-element Kellner design 65 degree FOV.  This is a very good EP for $40 what a deal.  This EP shows more color on Jupiter than any of my other EPs - Radian, Plossl, Ortho ect...  Not as sharp as the UO Ortho but close.  Contrast is good and the 65 degree FOV is nice.  If your looking for a good planetary or DSO EP these EPs are excellent.  Also Harry is the best person to deal with.  He answers every email with in hours.  Thanks bob hart.