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Monolux Lens



Price:  $20.00

Time Required:  20-30 Minutes

Description:  Replaced the 60mm lens of a Monolux Refractor with one from Apogee

I made many upgrades to this scope that my dad got for me in 1963 - the one that I want to mention is the new 60 mm objective lens.  I certainly misused and manhandled the old one over the last few decades.  Cleaning it without keeping the orientation of the two glass elements, etc. etc.   I ran across a 60 mm objective, with 700mm f.l. at the Apogee internet site.  It was a whopping $20.00 for a new objective, and I went for it!   I have a few good eyepieces, a 12.5 mm Ortho for planets, a new Orion 2X Shorty Barlow. Let me list a few things that I can see now, but never could before:  Cassini's division in Saturn's rings, Jovian moon shadow transits, clean separation of castor A and B (separation 2.2 arc-sec), M1.   If you want to try this upgrade, I would heartily recommend it.  Apogee's site is:  by the way, they also have f/15 60 mm objectives and a few others.

Submitted by Dennis Rowley - - Norfolk, Virginia