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Atinatech Observing Chair



Price:  $40.00

Design:  Heavy duty adjustable observing chair.

Description:  Chair with optional desk and adjustments.



Hi Curt, as promised, I am sending you a review of the new observing chair I purchased from Atinatech Products. I received the chair about 2 weeks after I sent a money order to purchase it. You can order it on line which would shorten that time. It came ups in one carton which was ripped. There aren't any small parts so nothing was lost and the chair was in good condition. There isn't any assembly, the only thing I had to do is slide the seat onto the support and it was ready to go. The seat and back are padded and quite strong as I weigh 250# and it held me with no problem. The unit costs $159 and there is a desk with built in clipboard that is a $39 option but they were having a special and I got the desk free. The seat adjusts by simply removing your weight and sliding it to the desired position. The chair also adjusts all the way down to a lounge chair for comfortable binocular gazing. I am handicapped and have no trouble carrying it at 25#. It has a strap to secure all the parts into one uni t for transport or storage. In short, I love the chair and wish I'd gotten one a couple of years ago. It really saves the back and neck muscles that I use to have to contort to reach the eyepiece. The chair can be seen and ordered at 

Submitted by - Bob Bowen  - - Clio, MI